A well-balanced aircraft operates more safely and fuel-efficiently. SOHA LST innovative and user-friendly SOHA LST Weight and Balance solution lets you calculate weight and balance quickly and easily, with or without Internet access.
Quick and easy access to operations support services is vital, especially when it comes to providing accurate aircraft weight and balance calculations. Our LST Weight and Balance solution provides aircraft operators of all shapes and sizes with a flexible and dynamic way to ensure load-plan accuracy and integrity in day-to-day operations.
The weight and balance calculator supports the entire spectrum of load-control activities and makes it easy to properly load the aircraft to ensure efficient in-flight performance. By loading the aircraft at or near the aft limit, the aircraft will climb faster, cruise faster and save fuel.
LST Weight and Balance has two components; the PC application Power loader and the online system eLoad sheet. They are fully integrated and share aircraft master database and user management, and integrate seamlessly with Jeppesen flight planning solutions and third-party systems.
The weight and balance calculator produces accurate load sheets, load plans and associated documentation for airline load planners and weight and balance specialists.Aircraft configuration managers can also use our weight and balance solution. The aircraft operator, as well as any designated third parties such as aircraft handlers, can control the aircraft weight and balance and performance database.

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