Crew management is possibly the most complicated area of an airline. This complexity is only increasing with growing crew sizes and changing crew expectations. It is also one of the areas of airline operations that is most in need of modernization. The airline industry needs a next-generation crew-management platform that can help improve efficiency.
Advanced crew-management solutions help improve efficiency and crew utilization while reducing costs and redundancy. They help empower the world’s most mobile workforce to deliver exceptional customer experiences every single day. Our robust crew-management solutions include Crew Manager is the industry’s first next-generation, crew-management platform built with a wide range of sophisticated capabilities, Crew Access Mobile, which integrates with Crew Manager, is our crew mobile application that offers fast, efficient two-way communication, geo-location-based functions, crew-schedule management and self-service, documentation and legality access, inter-crew chat interactivity and much more, and Recovery Manager Crew is our highly sophisticated crew disruption-management technology that is deeply embedded within our crew-tracking technology.

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